Your business is one-of-a-kind. Your coaching should be too!

Newport Beach Business Coaching Process

What will coaching with Jim Haley do for you and your business?

Coaching with Jim supports you in surpassing existing boundaries by honing in on your business creativity, vision of the future, personal strengths, and the specific role you need to be playing. This raises the level of your personal performance and increases the positive impact you have on your team, customers, stakeholders, and community.



Working with Jim will exponentially increase the power of your personal and professional influence. You will:

  • Be ready to ignite your business creativity, getting clear on what is yours to do.

  • Begin immediately to work from a positive performance state.

  • Clarify your breakthrough business story, and identify goals that will carry you into the future - your new place in the market.

  • Get fully engaged in bringing your A-Game to your work and personal life.

  • Build upon your existing strengths, values, and passions.

  • Align your people and systems to your strategic objectives and spark immediate and sustainable change.


Signature Impact Coaching is custom tailored to raise your performance in one or all of the following areas:  

Leadership Coaching

Developing your capability to create a compelling vision and motivating others to help you achieve it. Focusing on resilience, innovation, and your fitness for the future.

Breakthrough Business Planning

Creating a compelling vision and a whole systems action plan that takes you beyond what you thought was possible while building a foundation of operational consistency and sustainability.

Personal and Professional Alignment

Achieving new-level clarity in both your personal and professional life by discovering what you are called to do and how to use your business as the vehicle to do it.

Systems Alignment

Regaining control of your business by clarifying your strategic objectives and creating the operating principles and efficient systems needed to achieve them.

Team Work

Releasing the creative power of your team’s collective intelligence, fostering cooperation, skills training, and clarifying the role each team member needs to play.

Sales Excellence

Utilizing the power of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), customized sales training can be provided to raise individual and team sales performance.


Personal Impact Coaching

Letting go of past limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns to work from a positive performance state, resulting in greater optimism, confidence, and self-worth-­ as well as increasing capabilities and skills for greater personal and professional effectiveness.